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Enter the book rating and find out how many books the author sells


Enter the book rating and find out how many books the author sells

This tool is designed to help book sellers understand the profitability of a particular niche. The bestseller rating is directly proportional to the number of its daily sales.


It would be cool, before you dive into a niche, to understand how many entrepreneurs earn in it. For example, how many books a day an author sells for a particular keyword. Does this word really work?


Amazon is rather modest, it does not shout: “Hey look at this entrepreneur, he makes good money here!” Instead, you should go to the book’s page and find on it what is called the Best Sellers Rank. It shows how well the book sells compared to the rest. Over time, you can estimate the success of the book, and therefore the niche in which it is sold, simply by rating. The best-selling book will have a rating of 1. And the worst … well, how many books are there on Amazon? But, to simplify your life, just copy this indicator, paste it into the calculator field and it will show how many books this author sells per day.


Doing the research to find effective keys for the page of your book, you enter a keyword in the search bar. In the search results you see certain books.


Using this calculator to estimate the number of these books’ sales per day, you understand the profitability of this niche. After all, there is no need in niche that is not selling.


 You can find the book rating at the bottom of the “Product Details” block on any page of the book.



Remember that the calculator accepts only numerical values and counts only integers.


Incorrect rating input: # 48,256 Correct input: 48256


Be careful: the rating changes constantly


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