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To make the description of your book stand out, edit it using this generator. Enter the description text in the box to the right. Then select the words and sentences, choose the format for them on the buttons below and see how your text is transformed. After editing, click the “Generate my code” button. It will appear in the lower right window. Copy it and paste it into the KDP description section of the book — the Description field.

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Have you noticed that some books on Amazon just have amazing listings (sale pages)? They are formatted, include well-formed lists, bold headings, subheadings, paragraphs and different fonts, focusing on the necessary meanings. Most publishers created such descriptions using HTML and CSS.


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Now, in order to make the description of your book truly attractive, you do not need to know the basics of HTML. If you want your description not to be solid plain text, the Amazon Description Generator Tool will write the code for you. It puts the necessary notation on both sides of the word or sentence that you want to highlight in angle brackets, and formats your text as you want.


For example:


Profit-zone is <i> amazing </i>, and you get in the description: Profit-zone is amazing.


The first thing you do is mentally highlight the important meanings in your description – that should first of all be evident to your potential customers. Then type your text in the input field in this generator. Structure it with a couple of clicks: make homogeneous meanings as a list, highlight paragraphs, add subtitles. Then just click on the “generate my code” button, copy it and paste it into the book’s description field on Amazon.


Pretty simple. And most importantly: how your text looks in this generator is exactly how it will look on the Product Page of your book!


Take care of your potential readers, tell them what moments of the description of your book they should pay attention to!